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Project cover

AUREA is an interactive multimedia performance commissioned by Florim. The show was designed to represent the artistic process which leads to the creation of a project starting from chaos and gradually being transformed into an idea. In order to lend depth to the concept of “creation”, we decided to work by immersing the performer in a double-levelled projection: the front screen is a holographic interface, controlled in real time by the performer via a movement sensor, which analyses his hand movements, while the screen that serves as a backdrop serves to increase the three-dimensional nature of the visual architecture generated in real time by a second movement sensor, which analyses the performer’s silhouette. The music, composed especially for the show, represent the narrative structure, characterising the first part with an atmosphere of suspension and expectation, which is then heightened, opening out during the final phase.

Year: 2015
Dancer and Choreographer: Filippo Braco
Collaborator: Enrico Viola – Software Development
Commissioned by: Florim
Technical Director: Matteo Mattioli
Technical Service: Lorri MediaService
Video Shooting: Matteo Torsiani, Gianluca Bertoncelli
Photo: Enrico Maria Bertani