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Project cover

Interactive installation created for the Ray Ban flagship store in Covent Garden, Londra. The project was realized for the release of the new Rayban Wayfarer model with iridescent lenses that change color depending on the ambient light. The glasses are positioned within a frame made of LED bars whose light is controlled through a touch surface positioned on the shop window. Attracted by the opportunity to interact with the lights, the user is invited to touch and experience firsthand the color characteristics of the lenses.

Year: 2013
Development: Software developed in Processing. The touch screen film is applied on the shop window and people can control the luminous wheel through it. The wheel is made of 60 LED bars Barco Mistrip and 8 RGB LED light the glasses.
Commissioned by: Ray Ban
Communication and Contents: Sartoria
Agency: Sartoria


Ray-Ban-2014-COSMO 41Ray-Ban-2014-COSMO 27