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CUBO app allows the visitor to experience the exhibition at CUBO independently and to customize the amount of provided information according to their own curiosity and attention. In order to trigger the visitor’s engagement, we designed Bloom: a generative visualization that creates an experiential bridge between the exhibited artworks and the perception of the artwork itself.

Bloom is generated by an algorithm which interpolates the artwork image with the emotional preferences of the viewer: the shape and colour of the generated Bloom are determined by the emotions perceived by the viewer when contemplating the artwork. The data generated by the users’ interaction not only feed the individual Bloom, but also a collective Bloom: a co-created piece which reflects the global perception of the artwork by all visitors. The core of Bloom’s algorithm is inspired by rules and behaviours we observe in nature, such as stigmergy and attractors: self-organization patterns for moving a multitude of agents that are typical of several systems in biology, physics and chemistry.

The tracks of these movements – designed as thousands of lines in OpenGL ES – are responsible for creating the Blooms. The generated Blooms have been integrated and displayed also in the iPads of the Mediateca space – close to Spazio Arte – bringing the collective visualization outside of the exhibition’s space.

iOS → http://apple.co/2p3CROL
Android → http://bit.ly/2p3JZLm

Year: 2017
Commissioned by: UnipolSai Assicurazioni S.p.A.




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