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CUBo is a community centre and a multimedia documentation centre that the Unipol Group has created to recount its heritage and identity. The project aims to make insurance and banking services transparent by conveying their social and cultural values and their relationship with people’s lives. All the spaces are designed to convey a sense of serenity and openness. The interior ones have been conceived keeping in mind the concepts of simplicity and concreteness, while multimedia installations are an integral part of the architecture. The outdoor areas are home to the Installation MEDIAgarden consisting of 41 columns of LEDs, 18 of them arranged in a circle in the main garden. Light and sound are generated in real time and surround the visitor, which is thus immersed into the work. The project was selected by Unipol in the fall of 2011 and production started in January 2012. The completion of the project was entrusted to fuse* who acted as general contractor. In addition to the architectural design, all software and multimedia installations have been designed and developed by FUSE*ARCHITECTURE.
CUBo inaugurated March 26, 2013 on the occasion of Unipol 50th anniversary.

: 2013
Commissioned by: Unipol S.P.A.
Communication and Contents: Togo Visual Action
Building Construction: Visual Exhibition
Architectural 3D Render: Alex Lomarco
Photo Shooting: Mattia Santini
LED Display and Lighting: efour
Internal Lighting System: Zumtobel
Audio System: d&b audiotechnik
Media System Forniture: Qualitech, Pqlabs, Samsung, HP, Nec, Microsoft

CUBo is produced and designed by FUSE*ARCHITECTURE


.Kinetic Videwall System developed in Processing for the broadcasting of a single video on 12 different monitors and an interactive installations through 12 Kinects.

.Interactive Table Applications hub developed in Processing. Touchscreen via TUIO. 12 touch tables gets the data on a server through db.

.Connected Columns Server developed in Processing. Control Client and visualization developed in Xcode for iOS. OSC communication between server and control clients.

.CUBO Domotic System Developed in Xcode for iOS. Communication with Zumbotel proprietary protocol to control the tent light. Communication with d&b proprietary protocol to control the audio. Communication with OSC protocl to control the multimedia installations in the media library.


Unipol 009 (Large)Unipol 017 (Large)Unipol 013 (Large)Unipol 010b (Large)Unipol 007 (Large)X Uscita - Ambienti - _MG_9616IX Uscita - Ambienti - _MG_9280X Uscita - Ambienti - _MG_9724IX Uscita - Ambienti - _MG_9329IX Uscita - Ambienti - _MG_9336IX Uscita - Ambienti - _MG_9347IX Uscita - Ambienti - _MG_9383Unipol 005 (Large)IX Uscita - Ambienti - _MG_9272X Uscita - Ambienti - _MG_9652X Uscita - Ambienti - _MG_9701X Uscita - Ambienti - _MG_9689X Uscita - Ambienti - _MG_9641