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Matter is “all that which occupies space”: droplets of water or specks of dust are types of matter, just as plants, animals and the planets themselves are.
Matter is made up of certain types of particles. These particles may come together in different ways to create complex, ever-changing structures. Matter dies continuously, for it is constantly evolving into something else.
The human being is no exception in this sense, and ‘Fragments of Human Experience’ takes shape thinking of every tiny fragment of our lives, of all our experiences that have intertwined with those of others, thus giving rise to a common and unique experience. The visual design part was produced with Processing so as to allow the audio to react in real time, providing close interaction with the soundtrack. The stills and videos that appear in the sequence were shot during a number of journeys to Iceland, India, Japan, Bolivia, Peru, China, Laos and Vietnam.

Year: 2013
Development: Visuals generated in Processing. Real-time audio analysis and OSC communication with MAX / MSP
Premiere: Electropark 2013 – La Claque / Genova. Opening Alva Noto
Visual Design: fuse*
Music: Riccardo Bazzoni feat. Andrew Rush