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History of Psychiatry Museum

Reggio Emilia City Council - 2011

The exhibition provides an open reading of the history of the San Lazzaro institution, presented as a key element in the evolution of psychiatric care, via the valorisation of its rich heritage, brought to life through the telling of the very human vicissitudes with which its own history is interwoven.
As well as the safeguarding and valorisation of the ‘memory’ of the space, the display is characterised by the use made of multimedia systems and devices, not only for explanatory and informational purposes, but also to stimulate a deeper sense of involvement on behalf of the general public. In the first three rooms, the history of psychiatry unfolds together with that of San Lazzaro itself. We are then led on to 12 cells, situated in the two ground-floor wings of the pavilion, which each develop a specific theme, expanding on or exemplifying the topics presented in the opening rooms.

Year: 2011-2013
Commissioned by: Reggio Emilia City Council
Location: former San Lazzaro Mental Health Clinic, Reggio Emilia
Collaborator: Alberto Benatti
3D Rendering & Animation: Alex Lomarco

The History of Psychiatry Museum is a project designed by FUSE*ARCHITECTURE


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