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For the presentation of the Fall 2010 collection, Nike decided to transform the opening meeting into a sensorial experience with the aim of conveying the spirit of innovation which accompanied this brand’s rise to become one of the most famous and well-known of all time.
Palazzo Albergati in Bologna is a majestic 17th-century residence, deemed one of the most important architectural works of the entire European baroque period. The idea at the heart of the installation is to exploit the architecture of the building as a support for minimal projections, thus emphasising the contrast between the antique style of the setting and the contemporary approach of the sounds and visuals.
The graphics and videos were therefore mapped onto the architectural features of the main chamber of the palazzo, thus altering the perception of the space, which in this way becomes intimately bound up with the sound.
The experience offered a journey into the history of Nike through the re-evocation of classic commercials, from 1974 to the present day.
The system was deployed by synchronising four projectors with five computers, all connected across a single network. The software that analyses the sound and controls the lights illuminating the upper part of the chamber and also interfaces with the graphic images projected.

Year: 2009
Agency: Sartoria Comunicazione
Client: Nike
Location: Palazzo Albergati, Bologna
Service: Lorri Mediaservice