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Ljós is the translation of the latent elements of dreams into visible contents.
 The body is the medium through which the connections between light, sound and movement are explored, leading the spectator into an unreal space, rarefied and disorientating. Live Media Performance based on the real-time interaction between the movements of the body, sound and the projection of generative graphics.

“We wish every performance were this mesmerizing”Huffington Post
“Strives to stun its viewers with the ideology that less is more”Creators Project
“This is one of those art installations that opens your mind”Digital Canvas
“A stunning example of how light, sound and movement can interact to create an art form of its own”The Future of Light
“A seamless combination of technology and dance”CNet

Anno: 2014
Dancer and Choreographer: Elena Annovi
Premiere at: Festival Della Fiaba 2014 – Modena, IT
Other Performances: STRP biennial 2015 / Eindhoven, NL — Digital Graffiti 2015 / Alys Beach, US — Time in Jazz / Berchidda, IT — Biela Noc 2015 / Košice & Bratislava, SK — roBOt festival / Bologna, IT — Lunchmeat / Prague, Cz — NODE festival / Modena, IT
Photo: Enrico Maria Bertani



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