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Project cover

The store inaugurated in 2012 is located on the ground floor of the prestigious St. George Building, in the center of the financial district of the island. Its two floors are strongly characterized by innovation and technology but at the same time by the idea of being an oasis amidst the city bustle.
Max Mara got us involved in the project – led by Duccio Grassi Architects – with the aim of creating an environment that could transform a visit to the store into a multi-sensory experience, with strong references to nature.
To obtain this result we designed large Led walls, paneled with matte glass to have a slightly out of focus effect, and blur the pixels. This way, the customer is surrounded by lovely images that convey a sense of peace and wellness. In addition, two other LED walls have been installed in the large shop windows.
The instore experience also features a generative soundtrack that combines music with natural sounds, in constant evolution.

Year: 2012
Commisioned by: Max Mara


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