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Project cover

M.I.V. is an audiovisual installation designed for the Cersaie 2014. The visuals are projected on the entire surface of a three-dimensional solid inside the showroom Maximum of Graniti Fiandre. The installation develops in two different moments. The first part brings the visitor through a light landscape in synchrony with the sonic environment introducing the central part of the installation which develops around four main themes recalling the brand’s philosophy: CREATE / EVOLUTION – the birth and development from raw material, IMAGINE / FUTURE – the constant change and development through new technologies, EXPAND / VISIONS – applications and the expansion of the idea in a world between possible and impossible, SHARE / DESIRE – interaction between product, man and environment.
Every single theme is associated with a synaesthetic imagery made of lights and sounds.

Year: 2014
Development: The project is developed through a tridimensional mapping of the structure which is then rebuilt in a digital 3D environment.
Commissioned by:
Graniti Fiandre
Agency: Giovannirossistudio, IKOS
Collaborators: Alex Lomarco


M.I 104

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