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Project cover

Urban House Storytelling communicates the Urban ceramic collection through a series of three animated stories which unfold different typologies and functionalities of the product while moving along a drawn wall. It has been created with two different interaction systems for the Fuorisalone and Cersaie 2017. The installation consists of a frontal projection of four videos over a drawing on the background. Three video stories, that can be operated individually by users, are intertwined on a drawn background and then integrated with animated elements by a fourth video. Sound Design elements support the videos making the narration more engaging and comprehensible to the final user.

The installation for the Porcelaingres show-room at Fuorisalone make use of an additional zenithal projection on a shelf, over which three samples of the product are positioned and marked with an RFID tag. The sample motion over a specific area shelf triggers the frontal projection of the chosen story thanks to the RFID tag placed just under the shelf.
During Cersaie 2017 event, the interaction between the user and the installation takes place directly on the vertical plate. An interactive section has been added to the original drawing, where three different spoors are reproduced, corresponding to the product formats. The user, by placing his hand on the signs, starts the corresponding story. The interaction takes place thanks to the support of a capacitive multi-touch film, positioned on the back of the plate and capable of detecting the user’s touch in the desired area, thus activating the corresponding video.

Year: 2017
Commissioned by: Porcelaingres
Development: Openframeworks. Hardware/software system: RFID tag and Arduino chip with embedded RFID reader
Illustrations: Colette Baraldi
Animation: Alex Lomarco